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Nigel GibbsBorn Again Alec is a top man and a domestic gem, according to Hornets legend Nigel Gibbs

According to Watford coach and former player Nigel Gibbs, Watford goalkeeper Alec Chamberlain is Born Again. A Born Again Hornet!

Explained Gibbsy: "I'm Watford through and through, and when Alec signed from Sunderland I obviously knew he'd once played for Luton. So of course, I gave him some serious ribbing about it, but we quickly got on and became good friends...and after a few years, when he'd established himself as Watford's undisputed Number One, i officially forgave Alec for his previous existence!"

Indeed, they became golfing partners on days off and room mates on away trips. And by sharing a room, Gibbsy discovered that goalkeeping is not the only talent Alec has a natural aptitude for.

"He's a domestic God - he's actually the perfect wife really," laughed Gibbsy. "He's very good at ironing...does it very well, and indeed, used to iron my shirts for me on trips. Not only that, he'd be up in the morning making the tea...I couldn't believe my luck.

"But hopefully, he enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed his - he's the perfect room mate, and our shared love of playing golf just made us even bigger mates."

On a more serious note, Gibbsy has nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Alec as a fellow professional footballer. He said: "I remember his first game for Watford - it was at Crewe, and i came back into the team after injury. We won, i kept my place and Alec did well, it was a good start for him.

"Obviously he had to bide his time before establishing himself as first choice 'keeper, but of course once he was given the chance he never looked back - and nor did we, because Alec was an outstanding member of the team that went on that memorable journey to the Premiership.

"And the good thing about Alec is that he never throws tantrums, he always takes disappointment in his stride and simply bounces back, as he did when he regained the Number One jersey from Espen Baardsen," said Gibbsy.

"He likes a challenge, and doesn't it say a lot about Alec that he's still capable of holding his own in The Championship, and competing for a first team place at 41.

"He's still fit as a fiddle, he's a great pro, a great bloke, and he has a great family. People say it, but with Alec they genuinely mean it...and deserves everything he gets, including his Testimonial season."

And finally to the time that Gibbsy was never more thankful that Alec produced the goods.

"Play-off semi-final, Birmingham. Penalty shoot-out, and Alec makes that terrific save that got us Wembley. He was pleased - I was ecstatic, and the first to congratulate him. Why...well if he hadn't have saved it, I was the next penalty taker, and I wasn't looking forward to it!

"Alec did me a massive favour that night!"

Written by Peter Jones, of the PR consultancy Red Alert Media.

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