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Diary - November 2005

I hope to update the diary on a regular basis, so do come back often to keep up with the latest information!

As my diary has been so popular and got so large I have now split it into months, which you can access by using the sub navigation at the top of the screen.

More Training

30 November 2005

Training in the morning. Friends over for dinner in the evening.

Day Off

28 November 2005

Day off. Catching up at home.

Ryan's Match

27 November 2005

In for training and back up the M1 in time to watch Ryan play his match which they won. Ryan scored 2 so he was chuffed.

Preston v Watford

26 November 2005

Bitterly cold day in the North West. Get off to a great start with Springy scoring and excellent goal and we were playing very well. One lapse of concentration from a throw in allowed Preston to equalise soon after. From there on in, it was fairly even so I think you could say a draw was a fair result.

Travelling to Preston

25 November 2005

Train and travel to Preston overnight. Vince O'Keefe (former goalie for Blackburn and ex PFA rep) came to see me at the hotel so good to catch up with him.


24 November 2005

We watch the first half again from Tuesday night and then discuss the good and bad points. Then outside for a 10v10 game. It was so dark that we could of done with floodlights! The weather front they are saying is bringing sleet and snow looks like it's on its way!


23 November 2005

Lads that played are in for a cool down so I train with the u/18's for a change. Most of these lads play in the reserves so it was good to see them on the training pitch and get a feel for their abilities.

Leicester v Watford

22 November 2005

Brief meeting, light training and then travel up to the midlands.

Start the game well and take the lead but Leicester come back and score two quick goals near the end of the first half. Clarke gets a second yellow two minutes into the second half but we don't crumble. We snatch an equaliser with five minutes to go and grab an excellent point. This might prove to be a very significant point when we get nearer to May. Hopefully the belief in the squad went up another notch, which will make us even tougher to beat.

Match Preparation

21 November 2005

In for afternoon meeting then training ahead of the Leicester game. We pick the bones from Saturdays game and think of how we can improve next time.

Watched Ryan's Match

20 November 2005

In for training but the frost had made it impossible to do too much. Did what we could and then got up the road for Ryan's game. By 11.30 the sun had got high enough to thaw out his pitch. They were doing ok first half -2-2- but collapsed in the second to lose 7-2! They win their fair share so this result will hopefully teach them a few lessons.

Watford v Sheff Wed

19 November 2005

Bright sunny day and a bright start from us puts us two up by the break. We feel we can kick on and win the game comfortably but Sheffield have other ideas and we don't finish them off. Nicky Weaver gifted us a goal and, unfortunately, Ben returns the favour late in stoppage time. Incredibly they get another chance to snatch a draw but miss it so it's a subdued dressing room after the game. The main thing is we have got the points but we all know we must be more consistent over the 90 minutes.

Drive straight from the game to Cambridge to meet up with my mate Daffy. We are both Paul Weller fans and Daffy kindly bought me a ticket along with his own for my birthday present back in June. What a great concert! He played over two hours with mostly his solo material but also a few Jam tunes and the occasional Style Council number. The best thing about it was that he looked like he was enjoying it as much as we were!!

Also bumped into an old school friend and his wife so stood with Adrian and Linda throughout the night. He is Weller's No 1 fan! Great to catch up with them. Had a curry and got home about 1am.

Match Preparation

18 November 2005

Short sharp session on a cold frosty morning. The lads look eager to get back into the groove and keep our run going.

Match Preparation

17 November 2005

So far, so good with the tooth! We are now getting near the Sheff Weds game so the training is geared towards setting up against them and beating them!

More Tooth News!

16 November 2005

Fully expect to have my tooth out today but no it survives! Mr Kohn thinks he can sort it by drilling off some of the corners of the tooth so that my teeth don't grind together at night when I'm asleep. If this doesn't work then I'll have to go back but first I need to finish the antibiotics and wait and see.

Still Not Better

15 November 2005

The toothache had come and gone over the weekend and could still feel it when I went back training today so I made an appointment with the club dentist for the following morning.

Short Break in Valencia

11-14 November 2005

Had a flight over to Valencia with my parents for a long weekend. Jane's parents kindly come to look after their grandchildren while we are up early to catch the 7.30 flight. The weather is wet and cool on arrival and doesn't improve much all weekend! No sunny Spain this time!

See plenty of Jane's brother who lives out there and show Mum and Dad around a bit. It's the first time they had been to mainland Spain - shame it had to rain so much.

Still Under the Weather

10 November 2005

In for training again but still got toothache so not feeling great. Get a stronger prescription to see if that will kill the infection.

Feeling Unwell

09 November 2005

Not much better so sent home from training to rest and wait for antibiotics to kick in.

Dentist Time!

08 November 2005

After little or no sleep, had appointment at the Dentist - tooth problem or sinus problem and feel very under the weather. The dentist was unable to locate the problem even after X-rays, so I'm on antibiotics and will see if this helps.

Watford Reserves v Portsmouth Reserves

07 November 2005

Decided to play in the reserves so spent morning resting at home and travelled down to Borehamwood for match v Portsmouth. Comfortable 1 - 0 win which should have been more convincing. Had a quiet game but a clean sheet and bit of match practice was most satisfactory.

Fireworks Fun

06 November 2005

After a good evening's catch up with Noel and family, returned home in pouring rain and stopped off at Fosse Park for some shopping. Sean Dyche and family came over with some fireworks and we had our own display in the garden which the children loved. Sean and Jane then stayed over for some supper.

Hull v Watford

05 November 2005

Family came to the game and stayed with a friend who I played with from my Colchester United days who now lives up this way. He managed to get a box for the game so the family thoroughly enjoyed watching the game and victory in style. Great win, great stadium and a good end to a busy week.

Travel to Hull

04 November 2005

Trained and travelled to Hull. Stayed in a hotel overlooking Hull marina. Did not know Hull had a marina!

Testimonial Race Night

03 November 2005

Trained in the morning. Left early to go to Watford for my Testimonial Race Night. Evening was a great success and hopefully everyone that came enjoyed the evening. Many thanks to all who helped organise the event, to those who supported it and a big thanks to Mike Vince who compared the evening superbly.

Race Night Preparations

02 November 2005

Day off. Quiet day at home catching up with paperwork and preparation for Race Night tomorrow.

Watford v QPR

01 November 2005

In for training. Back to Ben's pad for rest in the afternoon. QPR match in the evening - another good win and the team played much better. Fully deserved our victory. Just a bit disappointed to concede a goal in injury time.

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